Trading BTC for the first time

Trading BTC for the first time

If you are interested in digital currencies and want to trade them, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The first step is to choose the right trading platform. Should it be the direct purchase of the digital currency units or the participation in the price development?

This supposedly simple question forms the basis for the investment. While the physical purchase of the digital currency units is often less flexible and requires significantly more capital, the investments with a broker can be more advantageous. What considerations need to be made before starting to trade with

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Bitcoin, Dash and Co.?

Choosing the right trading platform: Would I like to save the digital currency units, pay with them and own them? Would I like to participate in the price development of the crypto currency and make temporary investments? After answering these questions, the selection of a marketplace, a stock exchange or a broker is made.

How high is my investment? The available capital determines decisively which crypto currency and which trading place are suitable. If, for example, you have a low equity capital, you cannot currently invest in the crypto currency directly due to the high Bitcoin price. Who decides nevertheless for a Bitcoin Investment, can invest with a broker or at a stock exchange. As an alternative, other digital currencies such as Dash, Ripple or Ethereum are available. Cryptocurrencies are traded all over the world, in spanish speaking countries it also has very high volumes.

What type of trader am I? Every investor has his own strategies and goals, which he pursues with his investment. Some traders like risk and prefer flexible investments. Other investors, on the other hand, want to “see” their digital currency units and use them as a means of payment.

There are many ways to trade crypto currencies

  • The crypto currencies were represented in almost all media in 2017. The reason for this was the hype that broke out about digital currencies – above all Bitcoin.
  • A glance at the development of the crypto currencies made it clear that even investors with a small investment can become millionaires. Who wouldn’t like to earn money online?
  • The investment in Bitcoin and Co. is therefore becoming interesting for more and more traders. Originally the digital currencies were considered exclusively as decentralized means of payment, but are now also advancing to an interesting investment object.

On marketplaces and stock exchanges, investors can physically acquire the currency units, pay with them, exchange them or store them. A so-called wallet is needed for this. Investors who are interested in participating in the price trend should look around stock exchanges and brokers. The Bitcoin share can also be traded. Brokers can choose from trading instruments such as CFDs or certificates. Recently, a Bitcoin fund was launched, which tracks the blue chip index for crypto currencies. The many trading opportunities show that there is a lot of movement in the crypto market at the moment. Further investment options for traders will therefore follow in the future.